Nov 24, 2010


Happy holidays to you all. If you're not spending the holidays with the people you love then i'm sure the next few months will be bleak. Bleaker than they would normally be anyway. Days off are meant to be spent fucking, gaming or just not being sober in general and if you can't do those things, we feel for you. We at happyjack comics don't exactly celebrate major holidays because they're aren't founded on truths as we know them however, it's important to be with the people you care most about. I should say we definitely appreciate the days off that said holidays provide...even if we don't have day jobs. We absolutely wish for you to speak, eat and drink with the people you care most about. That's what a holiday is for.

I read the finished product of our first book and to be honest, i'm let down. The first story ends at 3 pages and I wanted MORE. It's a wonderful feeling when you write something, forget it and become pleasantly surprised at the outcome. I can't wait for you to read it and i'd like to see the reactions; January can't come fast enough. Alaina Huffman will also be at the albuquerque comic con and I can't wait to meet her and potentially chat with her about Stargate universe. Haters gonna hate etc. Please follow this blog, comment or hate. Have a wonderful week and read. As I always say, god doesn't count time while you're reading.

Here is Vader monkey.

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