Jan 10, 2016

DAY 2 con report as well. Another slow day for me to be honest, lots of interest not alot of popping, I think this is just because there are so many great artists not to mention the sheer volume of STUFF....Even with me wanting to purge almost my entire collection im still seeing things like I NEED THAT.....but i need to pay off my debt that i accumulated after this last year so ...help out with that fund LOL.....A couple of really amazing things happen and it happened 3 times yesterday. The Scruttles as you all know are my personal passion now, everyone is like why are you not doing comics and its like WELLLLLL, i want to but my heart lies else where. But i met two amazing women yesterday I do not know their names but OMG they almost made me cry as they left. The picked up my book and they just melted, one was a teacher, and she wants to show it to her students, and other faculty. Maybe even have me come in and speak, which omg i would have no clue, but if its to help others i think i can do it ...granted i hope i don't have to censor myself, LOL....But i guess there is a huge need for what i am doing, ANother new friend Jeniffer Romaniuk who was great helping me Steve Lee out yesterday, even said it needs to go up there with that book the places you will see...which honestly just blew me away. So thank you for that because right now in my life as hard as its been i have been fighting for a legacy, something that i will be remembered by, and i think i have finally discovered what it is, and its been inside me all this time. I also finished my sketch cover commission, yesterday morning came out way amazing i will post pics of it in a bit .of course i hung out with my art buddy David Harrigan and M. T West...also got to see Larry Welz and Sharon....which is always nice. I also got to meet again an artist named Franchesco....i met him back in Rockford in 2000 i bought a sketchbook from him because well im as poor then as i am now....and i blew his mind ...he was so touched that a fan has work from that long ago....now alot of people dont get what art is about, it is about those moments. When a fan no matter how new or young comes to you, and finds you. In franchescos case its was the touching gesture of a fan from 16 years ago still holding on to his book after all this time. To me its the new fans who are holding on to my new book and seeing how much of my heart went into it....I can only hope that when i am 56 they find me again and i see that book loved and dog edged, and maybe even a few stains ...and they tell me they read it their children read it and maybe even their grandchildren read it....so yeah even though i have not still even come close to breaking even....i am ok...maybe still on the numb side though but still. So thank you all because right now it is because of all of you near and far that are pushing me to not just heal but to know how amazing this world can still and maybe always has been. So I end this massive diatribe with this ....be kind & love.

Jan 8, 2016

HI everyone sorry, for the lack of posts.....The holidays were rough for me and i have been trying to distract myself with con biz.  I am running a con special right now for people who are not able to pick the book up in person, or in case i sell out ...they can get one at a 10% discount using this code CU86ZDG3 at checkout when you buy my book directly from https://www.createspace.com/5921335

i will be running this special through the end of them month where by that time i am hoping that the second book will be completed in this series ....which will be about loving and letting go of love...

Dec 18, 2015

Happy Jack Comics, Yes we are back! As always we will be showing you all the current projects and sneak peaks as well as showing you work that i have done while absent away from my old blog.  So stay tuned for new exciting things.

Its been 6 years since we started this blog and so much has happened.  Between work school and just life, the company was on hiatus.  However I never fully quit, I was always drawing and coming up with ideas and just working behind the scenes on projects.  However its took a huge mental jolt which to push me again, and i have created something which i believe will be the start of something amazing.  Johnnie is still around, and if you have not noticed this is Eric writing now.  He is in school pursuing a degree in computer programming or something along those lines, I pay attention but I always forget for some reason.  I will keep you updated on his progress as well.  Me on the other hand so much has happened good and bad, but with out it i do not feel i could have created the new project.  Its sort of surreal in all honesty that I am coming back to this after so long.  Not to mention that my big appearance is going to be the http://albuquerquecomiccon.com/ ....So strange that this is where this journey started and now i am picking up again at this point. There will be two blogs though lets see if i can keep them both up, at least for the time being, we might merge eventually.  This blog the one you are reading right now I intend to use for project based info, new books and projects and just some random comic thoughts, about artists the industry and the like.  My blog,

Apr 27, 2011






Mar 27, 2011

Weekly piece of writing #2

It's been a week and i'd like to share another piece of writing with those of you still reading. I'm in the process of writing another short story, should be done by Thursday. This was a writing exercise that anyone can do. Basically, write how to kill a dog. This is what I wrote for better or worse.

       I remember jaywalking every day on my way to school for at least a year. I remember cheating on my math test in 6th grade and forgetting to say my prayers. Though nothing I could imagine I have done could be deserving of the vile hateful devil himself manifested on 4 legs. I have a grandma, two puppies and my first girl outside. Our ranch was big enough and it's a lot cheaper to take care of family yourself. Me, Cliff and baby-doll buried them all with our bare hands. We live intimately and I believe everyone should be taken to the ground with care after they're gone the same.

          I also believe your dead ones should remain buried, and not slowly picked apart by a goddamn dog.
We lost my daughter, Zoey, last week to that bug that's been going around. We took her out back and buried her with ash, her favorite teddy bear. One week, and I didn't sleep a wink. Some random morning I wanted to talk to Zoey. Don't know what I was thinking, probably just a sleep deprived delirium. I walked outside to the spot I dug myself when I saw Zoey's body being dragged outside like a ragdoll attached to a pissed off bull.

         It could've been an elephant for all I care and in a blind rage I ran for it. Turned out to be some dog, I dunno happened so long ago. The cuts on my wrists hadn't healed yet, I remember that. This dog so brilliantly white with clean pure fur and a mouth full of blood, I snapped. He didn't run.
I wanted to bury him just as intimately as I did Zoey. I hugged the dog tighter and tighter while its screams filled my ears with music. I wanted him close while I felt his heart stop. While my girls blood was vomited out like a gush of red kool-aid and sinew.

          I felt his ribs snap. I felt his last cough for air in which he spit out a lung ,or hell, maybe part of Zoey. I hugged that dog to death. Hugged him like I wanted to hug Zoey. I didn't start to cry until I ripped it's jaw from it's face and saw part of Zoey's shirt still on it's teeth.
I slept that night, finally.  

© 2011 Johnnie Wright All Rights Reserved

Mar 20, 2011

Things to be Found at the Bottom of a Bottle

Here is a small Sunday treat. Hopefully it tastes nicely for you. Below is a short story I wrote a month or so back that I'd like to share. It may be some time before the next issue of the comic comes out and it's important for me, for us, to let you know we haven't died and we appreciate your viewing of the blog. Feedback would be appreciated and I hope you enjoy the story as much as I love bad grammar and punctuation. This is a first draft and I don't know if or when I'll ever change it. Enjoy.

Edit: I have to apologize in advance for the story as it appears on the blog. A couple breaks happen that isn't intended, oh well. Not quite sure about blogger and I don't have the time to edit code because of my video game addiction.


             He cut her off mid sentence and gestured towards the ocean, and in a single fluid motion
they clasped hands while burying their feet deep beneath the sand in an almost ritualistic fashion.
Seven years have passed, and he still couldn't get enough of the smoothness of her touch and the
calmness of the sea, he sort of had no choice. There are moments in even the most visually depraved
parts of the universe where beauty is heard and seldom seen, but almost always taken for granted.
Unfortunately for this planet it's beauty is wasted on beings with eyes set to themselves, or the stars,
but never to the very ground that they stand on.

         “This is the last time or, should I say the last time again, right?” She asked, head in the clouds
taking in the ocean breeze and odors. “I appreciate you accepting my invitation, but no this isn't the last time and I fear tomorrow wont be either. I suppose the real question would be, will that change
anything?” The tone couldn't have been more dry, but anything less wouldn't be Nathan and anything
more would be too human. “You always sound so alien when you want to avoid my questions, so
thanks for your non answer-answer mister mystery.” He wanted to remark at the child like speech from his old friend, however his thoughts where broken by a sharp pain near his ankle. “OW!” Nathan
exclaimed, as he held his left foot tightly hoping around barefoot on the beach. “Oh, don't be such a
baby it's just a bottle you nunce and not only that, it didn't even come near you, it hit me!” Exclaimed
Lucy with very little concern to the matter. Nathan gave her a wild expression of curiosity and
bewilderment and couldn't decide if he wanted to continue jumping in pain or give her a thrashing for
being so rude. “Do you not see that gigantic prickly instrument of doom where my feet used to be?”
And Nathan walks towards the object of his physical pain, picks it up and holds it up to Lucy's nose so that she could take it all in. “Stop being so dramatic and take a look at this! It looks like a bottle but I
think there is something in it.” Lucy said casually dismissing Nathan's pain and the prickly instrument
that brings death to feet. He decided to brood a bit longer because that's what he did, he was more
concerned with his foot than Lucy was with her bottle and there was nothing wrong with that, he
thought. “ Of course it's a bottle, what else would it be? Actually I hate you right now because I'm
obviously in pain and you're more concerned with garbage on the beach. I could be dying for all you
know, what if it was one of those poisonous prickly feet death things and what if.... Nathan went on and Lucy went on ignoring him as per the usual, but not entirely. Her gaze was transfixed on her new found treasure. Jewels. It had to be she thought, I mean they were on a beach anyway and the only thing to be found in such a place was treasure and tiny rocks. She couldn't help but get the odd feeling like she was being watched from within the bottle by someone else, but that was nonsense.

Nathan just looked at her almost hypnotized gaze and before she even realized it she had begun
to open the bottle. He thought it was the natural thing to do for a romantic woman like Lucy. There
could be a long lost love note inside from a couple whose romance flourished and lasted a lifetime, or
maybe even money or tiny diamonds and other trivial things she would like. He thought on and as his
thoughts escaped him and ushered him into his own trance like state when suddenly Lucy shouted, “
What the hell is this!”. In the way a child would open a birthday card with no money or a wife would
find the wrong shade of lipstick her husband's collar. Nathan decided perhaps it was OK to give into his emotions and maybe ask Lucy out. Leaps are not something easily taken and if the fall doesn't kill you, the answer would. It was time to be rid of that attitude. Time to change  and, maybe it was even time to humor Lucy and find out why she's so fascinated with trash.  So Nathan took the bottle looked inside and thought someone was looking back at him as well, but that was nonsense.

            And as Lucy opened her new treasure to find someone's garbage, and as Nathan starred at Lucy wondering if he could ever see beauty in something so ordinary they way she did. Across the planet a boy is starring out into an ocean with wonder and puzzlement and across from him a girl is
looking into his eyes the way Nathan is to Lucy. And across from them a mom is yelling at her
daughter for a less than ideal report card while the father watches his hard earned dollars turn into
minutes on a phone bill. Further away in the world from all of this someone is contemplating buying a
yacht or, keeping the money invested where they know it'll be safe, or not. 

And life as everyone would see it will come together in a bottle, and be ripped apart by the drunkenness of love and curiosity. Together the peoples across the world open the bottle hoping to find a note from a person who had love and wanted to share their romance like in the movies or perhaps a treasure map leading them to riches and in turn to expensive things and in turn happiness. And somewhere far off someone is starring back at them through a bottle of their own.

    The bottle contained a note from a place that doesn't exist in a language no one could read or
make sound of on material that felt like a tangible dream, but that is nonsense. Gifts come in different
forms and are often followed by a desire of something to be reciprocated, never are they given without such demands. People are often given gifts without viewing them as such because gifts are beautiful
and as the Earth can tell you, beauty is often over looked. Gifts have their price.

          It wasn't until she could no longer feel the sand beneath her feet that Lucy figured out they
she was no longer at the beach, at least not the same one she had been. “ I...I feel like I'm going to
die, I told you that stupid prickly thing would kill me! “ Nathan's shrill complaining voice was so
incredibly comforting to hear she thought, the beach could change but Nathan never would. She
decided this time to walk over and help him up, she put two fingers to his neck to check his pulse not
that she thought anything was wrong, because she knew it made him feel better. As she leaned over
to a Nathan lying on the ground in agony she looked into his eyes and saw them fill with black, there
was no longer color, and as their eyes met Nathan saw the same in hers. They both turned to see their
beautiful calm blue ocean replaced with an emerald green and black color you might see at the bottom
of a dirty dish pan. Their blue sky replaced with a reflection of the dark ocean in this place where
just moments ago they had been sharing a moment together with each other and their beach. And
across the world that person is no longer wondering if they should buy a yacht or keep their money
in stocks because who would want to sail an ocean of black? And across from him a father is no
longer in agony of seeing his money turn to minutes of a phone bill but, just because the world has
changed in the blink of an eye doesn't mean the daughters grades should get away from the mother.
And across from them the young couple on the beach didn't flinch at the change of the world, for they
had hoped for it all along. A world for them to shape, a world their mothers and fathers hadn't
polluted and ruined with buildings and stocks and yachts and grades. A world where they could
explore new things with each other and with this world and live the way people do in movies and
some stories.

          Their entire world changed to a dark place where once a blue ocean was there to be looked
at and forgotten, now stood a dark violent ocean filled with the unknown. At the same time across
this new world one thought gripped the people nearly at the same time, there is beauty in darkness.
It is often feared but it's simply the other side of the coin, you cannot have light and matter without
dark. There is beauty in darkness and there was nothing wrong with that.

           And Nathan saw the darkness in her eyes and the green and black color of the ocean and knew
this was his moment to take charge. The Lucy he knew for 7 years, the Lucy he would take to the ocean to share the sounds and smells with, to keep to himself for minutes, hours if he was lucky, never
looked so beautiful. He wanted to tell her that it was indeed the last time as she asked earlier, the last
time he would feel fear. Nathan stood at the edge of this dark beach and looked into the sky of this new world and was struck with a sudden vigor he hadn't felt since the first time he looked at the ocean. He once again felt curiosity, bewilderment, youth and remembered what it was like to be a real
human. He chuckled at Lucy's earlier remark of him acting alien and it took a dark ocean to show him
the reflection he missed in the clearest of blue water. He stood thinking and looked to Lucy who
seemed to be an entire world away. He chuckled at the as well, for obvious reasons.

          It was the way a child would respond if they got sent to a different school or the way someone
would transfer to a different company location. It was the way humans behaved once they had drained
their natural and social resources and wished they could just find a new place and start over but gifts
have their price. In this new place anything was possible and he decided to take advantage of this new
vigor and to the gifts he had decided to no longer ignore. He walked up to her and embraced her the
way he had always wanted, never wanting to let go. Lucy didn't fight his sudden grasp but didn't
hesitate to ask, “Why did it take the world to change for you to notice me?” Lucy's soft voice was
the most comforting thing Nathan could have asked for and at that moment he thought, the world
could change, but Lucy never would.

       And in a far off place that someone who was once starring back at Lucy and Nathan, and at
the daughter with bad grades and at the young couple on the beach, writes their story down not
on paper but on dreams. And once their dreams are done, he will put them in a bottle, top it with
a cork and send them sailing to be taken by the tides of the universe.

-Johnnie Wright

© 2011 Johnnie Wright All Rights Reserved

Mar 8, 2011

Where does time go?

There really is no excuse for the lack of updating on the blog. Not homework, not video games and definitely not comics. While we do have (tentatively) two comics (perhaps less) planned this year I as the author, Johnnie, have the easy job of coming up with lies to tell you guys. I mean fiction....stories and such. It's fiction, not lies dammit!!!! Anyway it's a dismal Tuesday and I thought of something on my way from a poetry class (ugh, i know) :

When I was a kid I was told there would be a rapture
and that one day god would take us all up in the blink of an eye.
I remember thinking, please god don't take me before the 
end of power rangers. 

Then I got older and I thought, please god, don't take me
before I get laid. I don't wanna die a virgin.

Then I got older again and now I think.
I hope I don't die before I can wipe my hard drive.

It's not a poem, just a thought I had about how things change.