Nov 18, 2010


Welcome one and all to the official blog of the up and coming comics creator company (say that 3 times fast) of HappyJackComics. One word.

We plan to use this blog to provide you with information on any projects we are doing and where we will be displaying the works we've completed. Feel free to add questions both stupid and likewise and comments both positive and the other thing, We welcome it all. We're previewing our first issue in January though I don't remember which day exactly. I suppose I could go look it up but I'm far too lazy to do any of that. In fact it's amazing we get anything done but, here we are.  Aside from the actual projects themselves you'll get to see a glimpse at the workstations where all the magic happens.

The secret to any person wanting to get into the comic business is the insatiable desire to draw women wearing as little as possible, and get paid for it. Exhibit A:

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