Dec 10, 2010

Drunk. Wired. Human.

Fucking go. 

I spent over 30mins on a write up for this post today. I said something about how everyone should go to the convention because it's going to be fun and the first of its kind and magnitude in Albuquerque. I remember saying that even if you're not a native of Albuquerque or the state of New Mexico, that you should plan on attending. The convention is on January 15th and MLK day is on the 17th so that's an auto 3-day weekend and you have nothing better to do anyway. Martin Luther King DIED FOR YOUR SINS SO YOU COULD ATTEND THIS CONVENTION. 

I said something like that. I can't remember. I erased it all because it sounded to thought out. God forbid.

 The list of artists and stars attending is actually pretty impressive but also consider all of the production and creativity that goes on in this state; New Mexico is where you want to market yourself. So if you're a young actor or creative professional you should at least come, support and pimp yourself out.  I followed that by saying it's 5am and i'm drunk but that wasn't very relevant however, I decided to keep it honest and include it.

My last thought is if I used the semi colon appropriately. Also, look at Eric's toy wall.

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