Dec 18, 2015

Happy Jack Comics, Yes we are back! As always we will be showing you all the current projects and sneak peaks as well as showing you work that i have done while absent away from my old blog.  So stay tuned for new exciting things.

Its been 6 years since we started this blog and so much has happened.  Between work school and just life, the company was on hiatus.  However I never fully quit, I was always drawing and coming up with ideas and just working behind the scenes on projects.  However its took a huge mental jolt which to push me again, and i have created something which i believe will be the start of something amazing.  Johnnie is still around, and if you have not noticed this is Eric writing now.  He is in school pursuing a degree in computer programming or something along those lines, I pay attention but I always forget for some reason.  I will keep you updated on his progress as well.  Me on the other hand so much has happened good and bad, but with out it i do not feel i could have created the new project.  Its sort of surreal in all honesty that I am coming back to this after so long.  Not to mention that my big appearance is going to be the ....So strange that this is where this journey started and now i am picking up again at this point. There will be two blogs though lets see if i can keep them both up, at least for the time being, we might merge eventually.  This blog the one you are reading right now I intend to use for project based info, new books and projects and just some random comic thoughts, about artists the industry and the like.  My blog,

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