Jan 10, 2016

DAY 2 con report as well. Another slow day for me to be honest, lots of interest not alot of popping, I think this is just because there are so many great artists not to mention the sheer volume of STUFF....Even with me wanting to purge almost my entire collection im still seeing things like I NEED THAT.....but i need to pay off my debt that i accumulated after this last year so ...help out with that fund LOL.....A couple of really amazing things happen and it happened 3 times yesterday. The Scruttles as you all know are my personal passion now, everyone is like why are you not doing comics and its like WELLLLLL, i want to but my heart lies else where. But i met two amazing women yesterday I do not know their names but OMG they almost made me cry as they left. The picked up my book and they just melted, one was a teacher, and she wants to show it to her students, and other faculty. Maybe even have me come in and speak, which omg i would have no clue, but if its to help others i think i can do it ...granted i hope i don't have to censor myself, LOL....But i guess there is a huge need for what i am doing, ANother new friend Jeniffer Romaniuk who was great helping me Steve Lee out yesterday, even said it needs to go up there with that book the places you will see...which honestly just blew me away. So thank you for that because right now in my life as hard as its been i have been fighting for a legacy, something that i will be remembered by, and i think i have finally discovered what it is, and its been inside me all this time. I also finished my sketch cover commission, yesterday morning came out way amazing i will post pics of it in a bit .of course i hung out with my art buddy David Harrigan and M. T West...also got to see Larry Welz and Sharon....which is always nice. I also got to meet again an artist named Franchesco....i met him back in Rockford in 2000 i bought a sketchbook from him because well im as poor then as i am now....and i blew his mind ...he was so touched that a fan has work from that long ago....now alot of people dont get what art is about, it is about those moments. When a fan no matter how new or young comes to you, and finds you. In franchescos case its was the touching gesture of a fan from 16 years ago still holding on to his book after all this time. To me its the new fans who are holding on to my new book and seeing how much of my heart went into it....I can only hope that when i am 56 they find me again and i see that book loved and dog edged, and maybe even a few stains ...and they tell me they read it their children read it and maybe even their grandchildren read it....so yeah even though i have not still even come close to breaking even....i am ok...maybe still on the numb side though but still. So thank you all because right now it is because of all of you near and far that are pushing me to not just heal but to know how amazing this world can still and maybe always has been. So I end this massive diatribe with this ....be kind & love.

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