Jan 3, 2011

Is it the 15th yet?

Well, I'm currently busy writing script dialogue and issue #3 for the first arc of the Winterbourne story you'll be able to read soon. I know I need to do some work on this blog including adding a Paypal link to purchase the book if you read this blog and can't make it to the con however; it took me 2 hours just to change the background and I still fucked it up. So i think I'll have another beer and add the link later. Or not. You can also follow, retweet or link via facebook since I added the gadgets to the left of the page. Support is always appreciated and more importantly, once you are able to read the book i'd like any positive or negative comments. The desire is to do what we want in life and grow with it as much as possible.


If you live in the area you will be able to purchase the book  THIS WEDNESDAY ONLY UNTIL THE 15TH. Thats right so tell your mom and family members that they'll have to wait like the millions of others out there until the comic con on the 15th. There will only be 5 issues available in the city on Wednesday and we'll let you know where. So if you're interested pay attention to this blog or twitter @drunkenjohn.

Pic: Dat ass.

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