Jan 4, 2011

What you can do tomorrow

You know what you can do tomorrow?
You could probably pick up a new hobby for the new year.
You could organize your pictures folder because god knows you should.
You could  try cleaning up your room or perhaps optimize the feng shui...
You can head over to Comic Warehouse on menaul in the afternoon(I mean that literally, sometime after noon) and purchase one of the 5 issues of the HappyJack preview book available in the city before the comic book convention (unless you live out of state. In that case you'll be able to order a copy online soon.)

Besides issue #80 of The Walking Dead hits stands tomorrow so you were going to the comic book store anyway. And for those people that do manage to get a copy of the book tomorrow, let us know on facebook, twitter or *Gasps* THIS BLOG!

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