Jan 16, 2011

Ok. We're drunk, tired and totally awesome and thank you for visiting our page. I, Johnnie, Update this blog because I go to school full time and write better than Eric. Meanwhile Eric actually has the artistic talent so it's an even trade off considering nothing is given life without voice...and if you say otherwise i'll shoot you DEAD. The first full issue of our comic book will be the WINTERBOURNE story you read in the preview issue and I can't wait for it, it's some of the best dialogue I've ever heard.
                       In the mean time, Eric will do commissions if you send us an email or message to the blog, any request will do because he's a talented fucker and hey, if you want me to write you a birthday card or something, I can do that.  I'm actually very manipulative with words in fact, I've been called a sociopathic wordsmith  and I don't really think that's an insult. Anyway.
                       We get a lot of slack because the work we do is.... risky at best (namely zombie jesus) We're not out to do what everyone else is doing. We're doing what we want to do and we hope you enjoy. We appreciate your visit and shoot us an e-mail sometime. I'd rather read e-mails that do creative writing homework.... ;(

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