Jan 16, 2011

What now?

So is anyone else excited, star struck, exhausted and just dreading the return to the normal work week? I know I am. The convention was a huge success methinks and I'd like to take the opportunity to thank a few people:

  •             John Sumrow for being a really cool guy and awesome artist.
  •             The Black Butler cosplayers for being super friendly and having great costumes.
  •             To Goonybaby (not sure how to spell it) for being nice and supportive of us.
  •             To Alaina Huffman for being super friendly and actually taking and walking with one of our   comics, I could die happy tonight.
  •             To the guy from Southern California with the Zombie comic, it's awesome we love it.
  •             To my friends and to the people that used to be friends that stopped by, thank you I love you for stopping by and buying or even just looking at the work. Lets get a drink sometime. 
  •             To the new followers on Twitter for making me feel like I have to update, It's a good feeling. 
  •             To those of you visiting the blog from a card we handed to you or that you picked up somewhere, thank you so much it means a lot that you're at least interested enough to watch the blog
  •             Feel free to follow the Twitter for updates on projects, random thoughts and drunk tweets.                            @Drunkenjohn
                            And just thanks for stopping by. Your positivity has been exactly what we needed to go forward and look to the future in excitement. I know I'm forgetting people but it's been a long day. E-mail us anytime with questions, concerns, convention stories etc.

Edit:  GENE HA thank you so much. You spent your time with me at the club/convention giving tips and being nothing but friendly. If I go anywhere in the comic book industry it will be because of something Gene Ha Said. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And thanks to all the celebrities that came to Albuquerque....nothing cool happens here. You made our year and it's only January lol.

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