Jan 30, 2011

So this is where it starts turning into a real blog

Ok, so initially we started this blog as a way to document the process up until the comic con. You know the process of creating something, displaying it to the public and releasing it. The con was on the 15th and while it was a big success, both for us and for the organizer who paid 60k to get it all started. But now that it is over I see that there is less activity here and there are reasons for that which I'd like to share if you care to listen.

1st reason: The happyjack creative process involves a lot of outside substances and the only time the owners ever really get together is for bar trivia night.

That is what it is. No big deal.

2nd reason: We hate people. Johnnie hates animals.

So i get that there are people who hate other people but typically, those people have pets or at least pictures of funny Internet cats to fall back on. Eric has a bunch of cute little dogs that bring him love, piss and shit and now that i think about it, love is usually followed by shit and piss. Anyway Johnnie has beer. Johnnie is going to stop drinking beer (for as long as possible) to see what happens.

 Here is what happens when you mix dogs and alcohol together, at least in my head.

Actually the plan is to get the body of a god. I'm going to look like i was carved by Zeus and shit lightening. So throughout February if you follow the blog via the Facebook or twitter posts, look for more to read in your down time. It will finally be the words of a sober god. Every other day of the week I'm a drunken masterpiece.

I started off this post with, "initially we started this blog to document the process", now it becomes something like a blog.

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