Jan 21, 2011

I forget about this sometime

I gotta admit I forget about this blog sometimes mostly because when I'm not writing for the comic, I'm doing homework. So blame school for the neglect of this blog lol.
              Thank you all for still visiting. We're hard at work on the 1st full blown issue of  'Winterbourne' that you saw in the preview book of the comic (if you picked it up if not perhaps we'll post up the pages in the future).
              Some things of note, just doing a google search of albuquerque comic con or con photos there are lots of youtube videos and pictures from the event. And it's like we're JUST OUT OF THE SHOT on each photo. Makes me a very sad panda. We're comics creators and not exactly movie stars but there are a few awesome shots of Eric and Myself over at my friends photoblog. Check it out @ http://www.analogousaesthetic.com/?p=909 .

Anyway, this is just a HI HOW YA DOIN? Entry before I start on homework/starcraft II.

Thanks again, Have an awesome weeked.

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